Randy Orton “Eye Of The Serpent” Wallpaper.

WWE Randy Orton "Eye Of The Serpent" Wallpaper
Stare Into The Eyes Of The Serpent.
They call him the “Apex Predator” of World Wrestling Entertainment, and it’s obvious why. Randy Orton has slithered his way to the top of the hierarchy, striking and crippling one victim at a time. ‘The Viper‘ has faced the best the business has to offer and has brought legends and all-time wrestling greats to their knees. Many rivals have stepped in the ring to look the serpent in the eye, and the “lucky” ones get away with an RKO. The few who are pretty unfortunate get put on the shelf after a swift, debilitating kick to the skull!

Probably the fact that makes Randy Orton one of the most dangerous men on the roster is even as a fan favorite, his attitude in the ring is just as cold, calculative, and merciless as it has always been. With a mindset like that, it’s only a matter of time before Randy Orton becomes the WWE Champion again. One of my favorite Randy Orton moments, however, came just days ago when he decided to deliver a hard RKO to Michael Cole. I’ve been waiting to see that happen for years now. It’s right up there with his “mid-air Evan Bourne RKO“.I wish he had decided to punt Cole as well but I guess I’ll put that on my Christmas wishlist ;)   

Anyway, here’s a wallpaper with The Viper on it, giving a demented gaze, probably hearing voices and conjuring something vile and painful up in that mind of his. If  Stone Cold Steve Austin were to have one more match, I’d love to see him take on Randy Orton. It’ll two major badasses and from two different eras in an epic, roughneck brawl. The Viper vs The Rattlesnake. Now that’s a match to hope for come WrestleMania! Download and enjoy all, and as always, leave comments below.

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