Playboy Officially Posts X-Rated Photos of WWE Diva

The "Cyber Club" of the official Playboy website has officially posted X-rated photos of WWE Diva Maryse. The photos are posted under her real name, Maryse Ouellet, and were taken several years ago before she joined WWE. WWE has NOT partnered with Playboy for this pictorial, but Playboy owns all rights to the photos, meaning they can publish them at their own discretion.

Maryse posted the following on her official Twitter page about the photos...

"For all those asking constantly about Playboy, no I didn't shoot recently and haven't sign any deals w them, Playboy owns their copyrights. They own all the photos I did shoot with them, so they can use it for the next 100 years if they want and in any kind of form they want! I never worked for Playboy Cyber Club, they are parts of Playboy, that's why they are releasing right now other photos!"

If you wish to view the photos, please visit's "Cyber Club". A reminder that you must pay to become a monthly member, and the content is ONLY accessible to users 18 and older.


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